Forest Stewardship Council

Wherever possible, we encourage our builders and customer to use local FSC certified timber or buy FSC from farther afield. All FSC certified wood carries the FSC logo.

What is FSC certification?

Forestry Stewardship Council Logo FSC certification guarantees your timber comes from a well-managed forest according to internationally-agreed standards.
Select these products over others, and send a powerful message to the timber industry and governments that you don't want timber that comes from destructive logging.
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Why is FSC better than other certification schemes?

Although there are many certification initiatives on the market or under development, the FSC is the only scheme that fulfils all requirements for a credible forest certification scheme, and is the only one recommended by Fauna & Flora International and Friends of the Earth.

Forestry Stewardship Council Logo

Forest Stewardship Council Certification:

  • Is a globally recognised scheme
  • Is fully participatory, with transparent and open processes
  • Uses performance-based standards
  • Has rigorous, independent assessment process, including stakeholder consultation and on-going monitoring.